Legal Updates for October 2019

Singapore Court Judgment Recognised by Vietnam Court of Appeal

Conducting business in a foreign country or with foreign counterparts often raises a set of unique considerations, such as whether Singapore court judgments may be enforced in the foreign jurisdiction and vice versa. In a significant development, the Vietnam Court of Appeal in Case No. 222/2016/TLST-DS has recognised a decision of the Singapore High Court. The decision marks another step in the progression of the cooperative relationship between the courts of the two countries. In this Update, we take a closer look at the decision and the factors which may be relevant in determining when the court will recognise a foreign judgment.

Recent Legal Developments in Vietnam

On 26 September 2019, the Government promulgated Decree No. 75/219/ND-CP to regulate administrative sanctions on violations of the Law on Competition (“Decree 75”). Decree 75 takes effect from 01 December 2019.